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Jingqi Fan is a graphic designer based in New York, NY. Her work balances distinction with familiarity, an eye for detail with a playful soul. Currently designing at COLLINS. Past experience include Apple, Nikolas Type, and Square. Not open to freelance projects at this time but feel free to just say hi!

Last updated: Jul 5, 2021
Collective view of Laumeier cards

Laumeier, Publication

An in-situ experience made to be seen ex-situ, the project recounts ten sculpture encounters from an afternoon stroll at the Laumeier Sculpture Park—an open-air museum in St. Louis filled with eclectic artworks by the likes of Ernest Trova, Jenny Holzer and Alexander Liberman. While most park-goers take in these sculptures from afar, this project chronicles an experience up-close.

Front and back side of card sleeve

For each sculpture, a photograph is taken and a rubbing of its surface is made on-site to obtain an authentic visual and tactile impression of the artwork.

Sculpture cards
Sculpture cards
Sculpture cards

Field assets are then compiled into individual cards that each holds the information of a single sculpture.

Collective view of the sculpture cards
Itinerary and map guide
Itinerary and map guide, detail view

Companion fold-outs provide off-site viewers with further context of the experience and the locale.