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Jingqi Fan is a graphic designer based in New York, NY. Her work balances distinction with familiarity, an eye for detail with a playful soul. Currently designing at COLLINS. Past experience include Apple, Nikolas Type, and Square. Not open to freelance projects at this time but feel free to just say hi!

Last updated: Jul 5, 2021

2°C Earth, Interactive experience

When I visited Fiji in early 2020, Cyclone Sarai tore through its islands. My time there manifested itself into a devastating wake-up call for climate change. This work, in turn, began as a rallying cry for our warming world. 2°C Earth is a visual guide that explores five locations around the world whose natural and cultural heritage is threatened by climate change. Created to be visually engaging, auditorily immersive and easily digestible for audiences disengaged from our climate crisis, this interactive experience hopes to educate and inspire more people to join the collective fight for our future. (

The wordmark places an emphasis on the temperature sign—a nod to the degree-focused structure of the project.

View of Wadi Rum
View of Cape Floral Region

To create an immersive and enticing experience for the visitor, images are chosen for their idealized depiction of each location’s character and ambience.

Written content utilizes a tone of voice reminiscent of writings from travel guides.

The experience is introduced through a soft yet captivating voice that evokes the feeling of Mother Earth.

Transitions from the homepage to selected destinations function as an expanding window that transports visitors into the present and future landscapes of each location.

Select screens from project
Select screens from project
Select screens from project

Varying color schemes and image treatments visually embody the main impact in each destination, e.g., longer and more frequent droughts in Wadi Rum, heat-induced biodiversity loss in the Cape Floral Region.

A personal impact component is located at the bottom of every destination page that detects real-time user location to calculate carbon emissions—a slightly creepy but personal way for visitors to realize their potential impact on our environment.

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